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Modena food and drink

The best place in the word to have a lunch, a range of tipycal product as Balsamic winegar, Parma ham and Parmigiano reggiano cheese.

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Modena the tasty: food tour in Modena, enogastronomic tours to taste the best of Emilia

If you wonder someone why Modena is famous in the world, the answer will be certain: cars and food, try our restaurant and places to taste the best food in Modena

Our specialities? tortellini,lasagne,rosette,tagliatelle.
You will be pleased to taste them with our lambrusco red wine.
Are you in hurry?
you can choose our tigelle or gnocco fritto, a fullfilling palate experience united with praticality.
In reverse if your desire is to discover our treasure, you can visit our house of famous Modena vinagre.
the food and cooking art in our land is a ritual you cant denie to yourself.
Discover our dishes like cotechino or let take a gourmand sin with a famous chocolate cake "Barozzi".
In Modena you could visit also coffe houses, and have a really italian coffee on the central "Via Emilia".
Our sweet hill are the perfect place to grow vineyards and cherries.
A full sensorial experience, will delight your eyes and your palate. A true secret that you jealously guard with care every time your brain will remember our special region..

hand made pasta Modena
gnocco fritto modena

Gnocco fritto

This is kind of fried “pasta” that we fill with our salami and ham, something really delicious to try.
The real Modena taste cannot be complete without enjoy a lunch with Gnocco Fritto.
Whith a glass of Lambrusco and Tigelle is probably a famous cheap lunch in Modena style.

Tortellini in Modena


One of the legends say in 1200yr a cute Marquis girl impress a simple host of the Modena territory that seen her belly buttom and been very impressed.
He did prepare a “pasta” with this sembiance and put meet inside, after that cook it in a good broth.
There is some other legend, let us to tell you!

Tigelle Modenesi


It is a hot instantaneous done of little dishes of kind of bred (but better, trust us).
You usually eat with Gnocco fritto, some fresh vegetables and fill it with salami, ham, coppa, mortadella, cheese and even nutella.
Curiosity, we call Tigelle but the real name it is Crescentine, ask to your guide what is “Tigella”

Tagliatelle alla bolognese


That is what Emilia-Romagna people do and did, every grandmother of us just wake up in the Saturday morning and prepare a big dishes (like entire table) of fresh pasta and slice into Tagliatelle.
Tagliatelle is the best for the REAL “Bolognese Ragù”, try it one time, here, never you will find it again same.

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