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Acetaia Rossi Barattini

A wonderful Tenuta to grow all them product in natural way 

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Balsamic vinegar by Rossi Barattini: cellar tour of aged balsamic winegar close Maranello

Centuries family tradition rediscovered in the Tenuta Rossi Barattini, the cellar roof tour of the winegar of Modena.

The tradition of an important Modenese family: Traditional balsamic vinegar Rossi Barattini. "It'll all work out in the end. So, if it's not all settled, it means that the end has not yet come!"
With this old way of saying, the family has faced the hardships of the past and continues to do it until today. An elegant estate in a strategic position, just outside Maranello we find the company headquaters. This is the place where they work every day, in order to obtain best products, improving techniques for the production of the best "mosto" with an excellent fermentations.
Here we find hectares of land that the company uses to produce its own grapes, fruits for jams and sauces.
An artisan production that still reflects the ancient art of the producer of Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. The visit at Rossi Barattini house, will include the vinegar cellars, where the barrels are stored. You will admire some of the certifications and awards that this company has accumulated.

Roof farm BarattiniVilla Rossi Barattini
Barattini farm

After a brief introductory story about the family and the production techniques, you will have the opportunity, in an informal atmosphere, to taste of the vinegars available, starting with the youngest ones until the extra-aged ones. Mr. Paolo Barattini will introduce you to a world of scents and scents of wood, ancient flavors and jams that will return you to remember the emotions experienced lived in the childhood.
From the freshly baked tart, the snack with bread, butter and sugar, the simple country life to really special healing potion, that will give strength and energy: our special tradional vinegar Modenese.

Ancient traditions refined with the modern techniques and knowledge, we have, allow Acetaia Rossi Barattini to obtain the highest standards in the production and marketing of an excellent Balsamic Vinegar of Modena.

Rossi Barattini Farm
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