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Balsamic winegar in Fiorano Modenese: Acetaia del Riccio tour of acetaia Modena

Family "dark gold" of Modena, years of passion and dedition, visit the vinegar roof cellar.

We venture out in search of a tipycal Modena vinegar house in the Maranello area.
This land has always been home to the cradle of a thousand-year-old tradition: the balsamic vinegar of Modena.
Once in a splendid site hidden between the first gullies of Maranello, the river Fossa, and the historic Castle of Spezzano, we can see lying slightly on the hills, a joyful and typical cottage.
A few steps from the unmissable Salse di Nirano, it is pleasant to undertake a short escape by discovering the treasures of Emilia.

Acetaia fiorano view
Mario acetaia riccio

Here we immediately meet with a warm welcome, the passionate Mario and his wife.
The couple has dedicated the last 30 years of their lives to the care and research of the perfect balsamic vinegar.
The only target was to obtain a balsamic vinegar, but at the same time soft, well-balanced, and with the right acidity. We dont'waste time and let's immediately immerse ourselves in the visit to the splendid basement, which ancient barrels of precious wood.
Some of them are 58 years old! There are eight batteries, strictly divided by vintage, that give us the precious nectar.
The feminine and delicate touch of Geneva, Mario's wife is evident. The welcome and serenity that one breathes in these places is purely feminine. The bottles of vinegar come from Geneva patiently decorated one by one.

The love of the owners over the years has been widely recognized. Numerous certificates attest the quality of balsamic vinegar.
Cups, parchments and titles are displayed in the Riccio vinegar house.
If you are in the area of Maranello or Fiorano, it is really worth spending half an hour of your time to visit this beautiful place, which will give you pleasant sensations.
You will immerse yourself in the enchanted world of balsamic vinegar of Modena, the only d.o.p. certificate.
Here you can choose and taste excellence aged 18 or even 25 years.

Acetaia del riccio

We are sure that the stories of Mario and Ginevra, will be able to fascinate you. The time in their company flows calmly.
Of course, you'll fall in love too, as it happened to us.
The taste, flavor and charm of homemade things, as did our ancestors, respecting the time and rules, to obtain the true and unique balsamic vinegar of Modena. What did you expect? discover the Modena dark gold!

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