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 Bologna, food and culture

Bologna, a must see in Italy. But not only see, somebody can tell you is a must taste immersed in a perfect Italian downtown.

Bologna is famous for being the cradle of the oldest European university, built here around the year 1000, by the famous jurist Irnerio.
Numerous and illustrious students studied in the Alma Mater. They are destined to become immortal celebrities. From here passed: Copernico, Erasmo of Rotterdam, Dante, Petrarca, Pico della Mirandola, and many others.
Particularly famous for its law studies, the University is also known for its faculties of medicine and surgery, engineering and others, which still attract large numbers of students.
Even Federico Barbarossa, aware of the fundamental importance of the structure, protected the place as an independent research and study centre.
Bologna has a characteristic that makes it immediately recognizable. These are the red bricks with which many of its houses are built.
Even the two towers that mark the entrance into the city, built for strategic and defensive reasons, recall the peculiar color.
The red porticoes of Bologna are also famous, as they have a flavour of the past. Walking along these arches is an experience that we recommend to everyone, as well as the opportunity to admire the small shops and shops that arise here. Those who love to walk can not 'miss the opportunity to climb' up to the Church of St. Luke.
Bologna has many streets and corners to discover, such as Via degli Orefici which, as the name suggests, hosts various artisan jewelers.
For people loving food, Emilia is second to none in terms of flavours. Lasagne, tortellini, tortelloni, rosette, cold cuts, boiled meats, all kinds of specialties accompanied by local lambrusco and typical sweets such as the delicious Barozzi cake made with chocolate and almonds.
A real paradise for the most 'greedy. The city is full of restaurants, taverns, breasseries, all places where the guest is sacred and welcomed, so as to fully satisfy the palate and, why not? even the view.
It is worth tasting the city calmly, accompanied in the characteristic alleys, in places that ooze history, and then rest for a well-deserved break refreshment.
It is with this intention that we offer our guests the ideal solution: a private transfert tour, able to follow your rhythms and let you discover the side of Bologna that really is worth discovering.
It's also possible reserve a transfer tour from Bologna to Modena, in order to visit Maranello or a Transfertour from Bologna to Modena o Firenze.
Ask us the program you need, we will please to satisfait you.

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