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Modena, terra di sapori e di motori.

Taste and drive, along this countryside and then stop, taste again and drink lambrusco.

Ferrari test drive: Lamborghini and Maserati test drive in Maranello, the real Ferrari experience

Modena is plenty of the best car brand in the word, take a look at Maserati museum or Ferrari circuit.

Since he was young little Enzo and his brother used to go with their father, to see cars races. So little Enzo grew up with a true passion for speed, competitions, races and cars.
As soon he was a young boy he became an Alfa Romeo pilot.
After that in 1939 Enzo founded "Auto Avio Costruzioni", a firm worked in the cars field collaborated also with Fiat.
 After the second world war the dream came true: in Maranello builted the firm Ferrari: its sign was a rampant horse.
In 1945 the first Ferrari car race was ready, to conquer the world and win a lot of races "Mille Miglia", "le Mans" and so on.

Ferrari enrance museum
ferrari gate museum

Testarossa, Dino Ferrari, F40 will remain in the people heart for ever and they rang out around the world.
In 1960 Ferrari became an international firm, in 1972 inaugurated Circuito Ferrari in Fiorano where the famous pilots can prepare themselves for the important challenges.
Today in the "Red land" tourists can visit the Ferrari firm and Ferrari Museum, a place that can host some events.
You  can also feel the thrill to drive with a realistic F1 Simulator.
A truly electrifying experience.
For a full Ferrari experience you can visit "Driven by Enzo", an exhibition with Enzo Ferrari's favourite cars.
You can also visit the Ferrari store : clothes, hats, cars models, shoes all you can desire to rember and share with your friends a special experience.
Ferrari represents more than a car: this name is synonym of a passion, a story of ordinary people who loves Maranello and its legend.
You will be welcome, hurry up.

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