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Maranello: how to get there and visit Ferrari town, history and tips about Maranello

Maranello contryside and food, the way to visit the Appennini.

About 19 km south of Modena, among rolling hills, we find the lively city of Maranello, also known as the land of the Red, for originate a real myth: the Ferrari.
Here is in fact the main factory of Ferrari.
Not far away from the centre you can also visit the raceway.
If you are lucky here you can meet the best F1 drivers; you will admire the drivers preparing their participation in the Grand Prix. 

Maranello center
Maranello ferrari museum entrance

The history of the town is ancient, the archaeological finds date back to the Bronze Age, but it is the Via Claudia that testifies to the important presence of the ancient Romans, together with the Via Giardini wanted by the Duke of Este, thath represent a fundamental artery of communication and transport.
Toghether they have have favored the economic development of the area.
Close to here you can find a beautiful castle that was renovated in 500.
It containts numerous works of contemporary art.
Today it is not possible to visit the Castle because it as a private property.
For art lovers we recommend the Mosaic in Piazza della Libertà and the bust representing Enzo Ferrari by the Modenese artist Marino Quartieri.
Maranello for its role as a sports city attracts fans from all over the world. We remind lovers cars that you can rent a Ferrari and experience the red thrill. 

The town, it must be remembered, has surprises for all type of tourists.
There are many accommodation facilities such as restaurants, hotels, pizzerias suitable for a gourmet stay.
For nature lovers it is also possible to take advantage of the natural trail "Tiepido" , where you can take advantage of the cycle paths and gravel paths for a walk away from the chaos.
In Torre Maina, a small village , few km from Maranello, you can see an ancient tower of the fourteenth century.
We signal initiatives such as Maranellese June, an occasion that hosts stends, market,music festivals etc.
In September Maranello stage the Poetry Festival with actors, poets, comedians and so on. At the end we recomended for marathon runners the Marathon city in the month of October.

Maranello countryside

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