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Fiorano Modenese

Join us to vist the surround of the Ferrari circuit of Fiorano and Maranello.

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Fiorano Modenese: a little town to discover around Maranello

Important area of the ceramic district, old story, castle and Sanctuary and geological curiosity in the georgeous countryside. 

A legend told about a small and ancient town, protected by city walls.
One day some spanish soldiers were determenited to conquer that village named Fiorano.
It was the 8 February 1558 and spanish soldiers lighted the fire around the little village. In few minutes it was the panic.
But the legend says that the fire didn't burn in the part of the wall that represented the Virgin and her baby, actually, the fire arrested there.
So the scared soldiers escaped faster than the wind.

At this point the legend, thath determinated the built around the 1631-1634 of the sanctuary of Fiorano by the architect Bartolomeo Avanzini commissioned by the duke Francesco D'Este.
The built is an extraordinary example of architecture baroque, with paints of the artists Caula and Costa.
The Castle in Spezzano was built in 916 A.C. by the wish of he abbess Berta S.Sisto and the bishop of Modena.
The castle of Spezzano presents a central tower and a little church named to Giovanni Battista.
Important family owned the castle: Bonacorsi, Visconti, Este, Pio and so on.
The land of "Florius" looks dated to Neolitic age as demonstrated the find of pots, and ceramics.
Etruscan and Romans were here.
Today Fiorano is a lively town with 17.000 citizens.
The 8 of September is the festival of Fiorano in honor to S. Giovanni Battista and it's a perfect opportunity to visit the Castle, the Sanctuary and the grave of patriot Ciro Menotti.
You can says without any doubt that Fiorano is really a land to discover.

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