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Sassuolo, tfrom ancient town to industrial excellence.  

Places to visit in Sassuolo

Sassuolo tiles: discover the tiles of ceramic district and the story of Sassuolo town center.

The town of the industry of tiles: history of Sassuolo area and personal guide to discover Sassuolo hidden places.

On the right side of the Secchia river ries the hard-working town of Sassuolo.
A city of about 40,000 persons, Sassuolo is characterized by an area rich in clayey gullies that make it, a site of primary importance for the production of ceramics.
In ancient times this area was rich in oil deposits from which, for some, derives the origin of the name "stone oil" as in the past was called the hydrocarbon.
For others the name Sassuolo would mean "stony place".
Over the years Sassuolo has seen the settlement of Etruscan, Celtic, Galician, Roman and Lombard civilizations.
Around the year 1000 the city fell under the dominion of the Canossa family to reach, a few years later, the status of free common.
Around the 1300 it saw the dominion of the Este family, and then became the scene of struggles and conspiracies of the time.
The construction of the Church of San Giorgio dates back to this period, inside it is possible to admire a fabulous golden altar dedicated to the Madonna del Pellegrino.

Sassuolo square
Duke palace Sassuolo

Under the Este dominion, around 1600, the Ducal Palace was beautified, with paintings by Guercino and other artists; beautiful statues by Bernini stand up prouds in all their magnificence. The Palace is now a destination for visits by schoolchildren and tourists.
In the moat next to the Doge's Palace there is the Pescheria Ducale, a very suggestive ancient swimming pool, theatre of ancient water games and court performances.
A real dive into the past where the great courtesans' splendor echoes.
Absolutely unmissable.

For those who wish to make a visit or, for those who are simply looking for a relaxing break, you can visit the Baths of Salvarola.
They have been known since ancient times for their healing properties recognized by sulphurous water.
The characteristic facade of the Baths in Art Nouveau style dates back to 1910, and is the work of the Modenese architect Pietro Carani.
Today you can find here the spa houses with a wellness center, an hotel, and swimming pools where to do rehabilitation in water. So close to Sassuolo short you can visit the Castle of Montegibbio, which you can also find a restaurant where you can enjoy your dinner.
Visit Sassuolo.

Sassuolo bridge

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